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Reflections upon the innocence of life by Silvia Binder Reflecting upon life gives us deeper insight not only into life itself, but into life within us. It behooves us to reflect when finding time and diving into time’s space.


Transformation takes place. Miracles happen. By Silvia Binder I know that I don't know, but many don't know even that." (Socrates) We may have years and years of experience, and we may think we know more the more years and experience we are collecting. I would like to challenge this assumption.

There once comes a time.

By Silvia Binder There once comes a time in one's life, when one re-unites with our wonderful source.

Re-create Yourself.

By Silvia Binder Child Awaken, be aware. There is no better moment than now and no better place than right here. Who are you today, this hour, this very moment?

Sweet Child of Mine

By Silvia Binder I once looked into your innocent eyes; golden curls surrounded your sweet little face. Back then you trusted me with your life, walked with me hand in hand...

Let Your Heart Be The Carrying Wave

By Silvia Binder Let your heart be the carrying wave of your word. Your heart is pure and true while your word is not only filtered but is limited by what you understand about its meaning.

Wonders Oh Wonders

By Silvia Binder Wonders oh wonders right here with me now. Oh how they surround me. Will I choose to accept the truth of such gift?

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