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Healing From Within: 7 Daily Rituals That Can Help

Your mind is a powerful thing. It's leading your thoughts, into your feelings, into your body and into action. You design your life through the eyes of your mind, the vision in your head.

Your soul though is another story. Your soul knows your purpose. Your soul knows your path. And it has a way to send you signals when you're in the right direction or when you're stirring off. Through intuition, dreams, and through your body.

When you're not in an alignment between your thoughts, feelings, actions and your soul and purpose, your body takes the toll and produces illness. Diss-ease. Listening to your body. Recognizing the signals it sends, the alarms, is the way to self-healing.

Living in a lifestyle of prevention is ideal. Avoiding toxins, keeping healthy habits, connecting to nature, grounding and meditating are ways to keep that connection between your body, mind and soul. But if you do get off the path and your body took the toll there are still ways to heal and reverse the affects. It may be hard and challenging. May seem impossible at times. But going back to the source- your mind, is where healing starts, by channeling your thoughts towards healing. Manifesting feelings that will flow your body with vibrations of love and light.

7 daily rituals that can help bring self-healing:

  1. The first 15 minutes of your day define the tone for your day. Make sure to clear your mind before you open your eyes. Set your thoughts and vision for the day before you even open your eyes.

  2. Wake up to sounds that send healing vibrations through your soul to your body. Put on music that you love, that sends you back in time and transcends you into a space of love.

  3. Take a long bath. Soaking up in warm water. Letting your body subtly float and be, removes tension and relaxes your body, allowing for positive energy and light to flow through you.

  4. Surround yourself with scents...through candles, lotions, flowers, wake up your senses.

  5. Go outside and soak up the sun. Even on grey days, with clouds in the sky, rain and gloom, the sun still shines. It's there for you, even when it's covered up - look for it.

  6. Breath in nature. Even in an urban environment you can find nature, on the ground, in a tree, or looking up at the sky. It's all around us. Hugging us. Let the Wind pet you.

  7. Write. Even if you're not a writer. Even if it's hard to express yourself, just write down what's on your mind. Write for yourself and no one else. It helps clear your mind and put down in words what clutters it. If it's negative feel free to rip it up, burn it, or throw it away. If it's positive place it in a jar or a box container for a rainy day.

And most importantly, don’t forget to breath.

Silvia Binder

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