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Addicted to Health

Addiction comes in many shapes and forms. Even when it seems like we are pursuing healthy habits, we often get carried away into a lifestyle of addiction - Even when it’s to health.

Here are 5 areas where you might have an addiction to health:

Water Consumption

My personal addiction is for water consumption. I can’t leave the house without a large bottle of water. I realized it when Rolf challenged me one time to leave the house without it and it was very hard for me to do. My fear is to run out of hydration.

It was confirmed to me by Dr. Valerie Hunt, with whom I had a sit down past life (life recession) review. She shared that in one of my past lives I was the wife of an African leader who apparently sent me out to the desert after I became more powerful than him. My influence over the tribe made him do that.

I died of dehydration.

I cannot prove that this is true, but I know that the fear is always hidden in me. I drink a lot of water, in a very large and open glass so water keeps flowing into me. But I also learned that too much water dilutes nutrients, and that it’s important to do things in a balanced way for a healthy living.

I have overcome my addiction of always carrying water with me. It’s a good feeling to be free.


We are all stressing about de-stressing. We created mediation to take us away, escape, into another world in our mind, so we don’t have to deal with this one.

Well I want to challenge you to handle your world, your life, awake, as it is, without escaping. I myself hardly ever meditate. I do my best remembering to live in a constant meditative mindset. The difference is that I don’t need to close my eyes and escape my reality. I live, breath and experience my reality knowing that no matter what – everything is ok, and will be ok. Regardless of what chaos may consume my life at the moment. If I feel anxious, I take a deep breath, I re-organize my thoughts, I focus my mind, I go for a walk in nature to gain perspective and soak up its healing energy. Sometimes escaping means walking bravely through the storm.


We trap ourselves in concrete buildings, with metal and iron machines, heavy weights, machines that force us to run, walk, jump, climb, and do things to make us feel stronger. We push ourselves to go to the gym and put our cortisol levels and adrenals in overdraft.

We work out for hours; but focusing only on our bodies, while neglecting our mind. Creating a clog in our daily schedule not allowing for other things to get done…and then stressing over not accomplishing them.

Moving our bodies is necessary, but over-working it is not. A 30-minute walk in nature can potentially be more of a benefit for us than a 90 minute workout in a closed room full of machines.


There is a group of elite people, patients who can afford treatments, constantly seeking the next best “holy grail”, whether that is a product or a person that can heal them. The reality is that no one can heal you. No machine or person in the world can heal you – as healing comes from within. Right here. Right now.

I always tell people that I am not a healer. I give my best to remind them of their potential; of who they can be if they so choose and what they can do to get better. Overcoming their challenges is key. Not suppressing or ignoring but taking the challenge to climb the mountain and reach the peak. It takes energy, strength, endurance, belief, hope, trust, and patience to get there but you will have outgrown “the old” and transformed into a new healthier YOU.


People tend to believe that staying away from fats is the way to stay lean. Meanwhile they are avoiding some of the true necessities to keep our bodies, our engines, working smoothly. Consuming the right type of fats helps our brain function better; it sharpens our memory, increases our energy and actually supports our metabolism to process foods to help us lose weight.

I urge you to make sure to find the resources and information through research and books to learn more about essential fats we need in our body.

Getting up early

Many relate getting up early as healthy habit. Mostly due to the activities done after (working out, going for a run, etc.). what they neglect to realize is that they deprive themselves of an appropriate amount of time to sleep. Sleeping is our body’s way of repairing, regenerating, and garnering energy, re-charging our battery throughout the night. Would you be able to use your phone without fully charging your battery? Yes, but on very low percentage.

Make sure to fully charge your body, your battery, with sleep, to be able to function with your daily activities.

Other hidden addictions include:

Digital addiction

Addiction to emails, social media, is pulling us away from who we really are. We create online personas, interact and engage with people behind screens with constant false communication, putting more masks and filters on us as human beings. We chase more interactions, comments, likes, feedback and become dependent on it as a source for self-affirmation.

Don’t forget you.

The urge to over protect our children

Our children own their own life. We need to be a bit flexible about the expectations we have of them. Many parents are seeking to fulfill their own wishes and missed destiny through their children; Packing up their curriculum and summer schedule with activities around the parents’ desires. Meanwhile they may miss the true life purpose their children have – beyond what they believe it is or should be. Sometimes a relaxing summer off with no agenda or activities is all they need.

Let your children find and explore their own gifts, talents, desires…you were the tool to bring them to the world. You can be the guardian guiding light source in their life with your love. But don’t overpower their existence to shape it the way you think it should be. Let them be and become who they are.

Whatever your "Health Addiction" may be, just make sure to balance your life.

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