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Top Wellness Tips For 2018

March is almost over and many of us may be asking ourselves, “New Years resolutions? What New Year resolutions?” It’s them same old story…we are ambitious in making resolutions at January 1….but as the weeks pass, we find ourselves forgetting what they even were. If you are one of those people, here are some tips to re-start your year on the right wellness foot:

Go Easy On Yourself

The New Year can really bring on the pressure, especially when you are setting targets/resolutions. Remember to go easy on yourself. Think and plan small, have a long term aim and plan for small steady changes, and keep in mind it’s about changing habits and a lifestyle that gets results. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!


Water is our lifeblood as our bodies are made up of 75% water. Try to drink 1 liter per 50lbs of bodyweight. Keeping the body hydrated also helps your entire body. Especially hydrate before working out. Your muscles will thank you!

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Improve Your Gut Health

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the gut and how it influences mood and appetite. The little brain in our stomach is connected to the big brain in our head, and can determine our mental state and play a key role in certain diseases that can occur throughout the body. So, it’s vitally important to keep your gut nourished and in good shape inside. The prime way to do this is through the food that we eat.

Unplug Once In A While

We live in a demanding and digital world. Digital technology sucks up more of our daily time, which ultimately has a direct effect on our brain chemistry and can cause anxiety and stress. Choose to disconnect every once in a while, maybe foe at least a few hours a day. Put down the iphones, tablets, laptops and get out in nature or read a book. It has been proven to have a positive effect not just on our heath and our mind-set, but also on our close relationships too.

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Manage Stress Levels - Meditate More

We live extraordinary but busy and sometimes stressful lives. While it’s not something that comes natural to many of us, meditation has been shown to calm the mind, lower blood pressure and help us to remain positive. There are a number of meditation apps available to help you get started with meditation or just hope over to YouTube and do a search. The main thing to remember with meditation is don’t put pressure on yourself to succeed. It’s just about being in the moment and letting thoughts come and go in your mind without any judgement at all. It’s ok to just be for a change.

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Spice Up Your Life

Herbs have been used for hundreds of years and are being used as alternatives to cure the body, help relieve stress and gain more energy. In addition to cooking with herbs, drinking herbal tea is a great place to start! Try a ginger and lemon tea or a chamomile to calm the nerves. Spices are also gaining a wider recognition for health now too. Turmeric had a great year in 2017 and turmeric teas and milk drinks became popular and are great for an antioxidant boost.

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It’s not surprise gym membership numbers skyrocket just after the New Year. Slowly thereafter, though, the membership and our gym shoes gather dust. Time to dust them off and get your body moving! You don’t have to run a marathon, just fit in 15 minutes of active movement each night or morning. Take the stairs, walk to work, get the bike out of the shed – it’s about creating a habit of exercise so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Your metabolism will increase and you’ll find that overall you have more energy over time.

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Get A Good Night's Sleep

Getting enough sleep has a positive effect on everything from brain function and heart health to emotional well-being. It improves our memory and alertness, curbs inflammation, reduces stress and obesity and generally helps us to live healthier and longer! While we sleep our brain is working to renew our cells (hello beautiful skin!), repair muscle and tissue, build new neural pathways and complete a whole host of other jobs vital for good health! If you have trouble sleeping try some relaxing yoga, a warm bath and a good book to help your body unwind.

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